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  • ✓ End Telemarketer And Creditor Phone Calls
  • ✓ Undo Impossibly Expensive Auto Loans
  • ✓ Stop Debt Collectors From Haunting You

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Helping individuals throughout the state of Michigan to protect their right to privacy

At Andrew L. Campbell Attorney At Law, I work with people to protect their privacy rights. I use little known laws and rules that allow my clients to turn the tables on businesses that were previously harassing them. For example,

  • You might be experiencing sexually harassing behavior from supervisors, employees or customers at your place of employment;
  • Maybe a business is leaving prerecorded messages on your cell phone without your consent;
  • Perhaps a debt buyer or collector is harassing or threatening to sue you on a debt you don’t owe.
  • You might have false, inaccurate, or obsolete information appearing on your credit report.
  • You may have been paying a debt settlement company or a credit repair company for over a year that you now realize is a scam.
Mr. Campbell has successfully prosecuted those who would seek to take advantage of myself and others like me like a ravaged pit bull. A true workaholic, who I imagine probably spends too much of his personal life sometimes pondering and investigating subjects which pertain to finding justice for those who would otherwise get bullied by corporate dollars and deception. Either way, highly recommended.
Marvin H
Andrew is an exceptional attorney. He has many wonderful attributes. Andrew is educated, informed, and diligent. Even though his client base is large, he has always made me feel like I am his only client. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs. He’ll never let you down and you will never be disappointed.
Pam G
Andrew did some consumer law for me. He understood my concerns, was knowledgeable, and kept on top of my case. Would recommend him to friends and family.
I was receiving harassing phone calls from a creditor. Andrew contacted the company and got the phone calls to stop ALLMOST immediately. After Andy got the calls to stop then he went to work gather the information that he needed to sue the company. Andy got me a very nice settlement in a very short period of time. Andy’s fees are very very reasonable. He put hours into my case and his fees were very low comp aired to the work that he did. Andrew is very thorough and he kept me informed. I trusted Andy from the start and he didn’t let me down. Good job Andy.
Mr. Campbell has worked on several consumer law cases for me. I’ve never had to worry about deadlines, details being left out, or if he was knowledgeable about my case. I am very confident in his work and have been happy how he stays on top of each case. He always returns calls and emails and doesn’t overcharge like many do. I believe he works hard and does a great job. An attorney one can count on.
Greg M
I would trust Andrew with all of my friends and family because he has done a great job on all of my cases. He has assisted me in understanding when there was a question and never made me feel uncomfortable for telling him I did not understand something. He is understanding and always took the time to address any questions or concerns I had. Best attorney around in my opinion!
Rae L.
Andrew is a very good attorney and he is very affordable. My wife and I contacted him regarding an old student loan for $25,000 she and her co-signer were being sued over nonpayment. With Andrew’s help we negotiated a settlement of $15,000. This type of settlement is unheard of with student loan companies at least that is what I have read online in the credit forums. On top of the skilled negotiation he also guided us thru the all of the details of paying the settlement. I highly recommend Andrew L. Campbell if you need help in Michigan, he is one of the “good ones” and he gets results!
FYI – We live in Florida but were being sued in Michigan.
Joshua J.
I have a cabin that I purchased from H.U.D. I paid cash for this property in 2013. In 2015 a Michigan bank paid another company to break in and secure this property for the original loan they had made against this property and had already processed and turned over to HUD for the FHA loan guarantee back in 2012. I tried to handle this problem directly with the Michigan Bank to no avail, they would not offer any reasonable amount and basically just wanted to pay for the damaged doors and offer an apology. Take it or leave it, was their reply. I was unable to find an attorney that would handle this without my paying for their services up front! I was told by other attorneys that it wouldn’t be worth their while unless they were guaranteed payment! Luckily (after a lot of searching) I found an attorney that had experience in this type of legal problem, Andrew L. Campbell from Flint MI. (I live in another state) after a brief phone conversation, he said he would and could take this challenge on without payment upfront. Andrew was able to reach a settlement with the Michigan bank and their attorney’s for a larger amount than I had originally asked for. He did an excellent job for me and was extremely reasonable when it came to his fee’s…I would highly recommend Mr. Campbell!!! He kept me well informed on what was going on and gave me excellent representation in the legal process regarding my case.
Chuck B.