6 Employees At University Of Michigan Health System Victims Of Tax Fraud

This spring, at least 6 University of Michigan Health System employees were victims of fraudulent tax filings. 5 doctors and a faculty member were included in the victims.

This year, when the victims went to file their taxes, each of them received a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that a tax return had already been filed in their name.

A UMHS official said that its compliance office was given information of the reports over the last several weeks and that a review of the health system’s internal systems didn’t uncover a breach.

According to spokeswoman Kara Gavin, “It really doesn’t have a specific link to the health system”. Gavin added that the reason of the identity theft is not known.

Information is requested by the IRS official but not replied. According to a St. Joseph Mercy Hospital spokeswoman, the Ypsilanti hospital hasn’t had any reports of tax fraud this year.

In 2014, almost 1,900 incidents of suspected tax fraud and identify theft are investigated by the IRS.

U-M is encouraging employees who think that they have been victims of tax fraud to contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit, make the Michigan Department of Treasury freeze credit report files, file a report with the local police department and let the compliance office be aware of the incident.

News Source: www.MLive.com

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