Andrew L. Campbell, Esq.

What makes Me Uniquely Qualified For Your Case?

My name is Andrew Campbell. I have been practicing for about fifteen years, and I primarily help consumers fight businesses engaged in unfair practices using little-known laws.

I help consumers turn the tables on businesses that engage in fraud and violations of consumers’ privacy rights. Most of my cases involve helping consumers but on some occasions, I do help businesses with business-related issues. fight for and represent consumers.

I do not and will not represent a business against a consumer.

What made you want to go into this area of law?  It is unusual compared to more traditional areas of law.

That is hard to answer and I have asked myself that question a lot because this is one of the toughest areas of law to make money in. I do it because I don’t like bullies and I find a lot of people that are victims of bullies who refuse to follow the law.

Many of these businesses try and take advantage of people and I am repulsed by that. Consumers don’t have many places to turn in these circumstances and this is my passion.

Work experience:

  • Attorney
    Andrew L. Campbell Attorney at Law – (2005 – Present)


  1. Michigan State University College of Law (2005)
    • Major: Law
    • Degree: JD – Juris Doctor
  2. Michigan State University (1992)
    • Major: International Studies