Does the Make or Model of the Car Mean It Might Be Used in an Unscrupulous Practice?

Interviewer: Are there certain models of cars that, for some reason or another, tend to be featured in more illegal activities than others?

A Rental Car May Have More Wear than Other Type of Used Car

Andrew Campbell: Well, yeah.  One thing you want to do is you want to run an AutoCheck or a CARFAX because you want to know if any of these vehicles have been rental vehicles previously, because those vehicles have been used a lot harder.  They’ve been abused a lot more.

You also want to see if they were sold in another state and suddenly they’re in Michigan.  When you see a vehicle that was in Arizona and then North Carolina and then now in Michigan, and you’ve seen them sold at auctions at all three places, you really got to be wary, because that’s a way for crooked dealers to wash the title.

Out-of-State Cars May Have a Washed Title

Interviewer: What do you mean wash the title?

Andrew Campbell: Well, when you wash the title you try to clean the title.  You try to transfer it to another state so that you can alter the history and you can get rid of the salvage title history.

It could be a flood damaged vehicle.  I’m not so worried about buying a vehicle in Arizona because the likelihood of it being flood damaged is really low compared to a vehicle from North Carolina.

Interviewer: Well, it’s funny you say that because last year there was Hurricane Sandy in New York and I imagine a lot of those vehicles have probably found their way to other states and auctions because they probably were destroyed and people want to still sell them.