Don’t Get Scammed By a Credit Repair Company

Why you are very likely owed a refund from a credit repair company  

We all know how important a credit score is to your daily life. While there are basic principles to know and understand in order to improve your credit, some people choose to have others do it for them.

There are literally hundreds of credit repair companies to choose from throughout the country.

What most people don’t know is that these companies almost never follow Michigan law. I am not talking about the little guys either.

I am talking about pretty much every single credit repair company that does business in Michigan. Here’s why.

These companies don’t usually follow the 90-day rule. This means that all services must be fully performed within 90-days of the date you sign the contract with the credit repair company.

So anyone living in Michigan who signed a contract with a credit repair company within the last four years who didn’t fully perform all services within that time period, are entitled to at least their money back plus costs and reasonable attorneys fees.

A lot of these companies bill on a monthly basis. Obviously, they would rather have you pay for several months of services. Most of these contracts even specify that the company offers services for periods longer than 90-days.

This is also illegal. I find that at least 90% of the time, this law is not followed. If this happened to you, don’t let them get away with scamming you.

The good news is that Michigan has strong laws that support consumer rights. If you have experienced a violation of any of the above rules in the last four years, send an email to giving me the name of the company that wronged you. 

I might be able to get your money back. If you hire me, you don’t pay me. I get paid by the credit repair (or debt settlement) company). There is no risk to you in hiring me to attempt to resolve the matter without going to court.

“Mr. Campbell has successfully prosecuted those who would seek to take advantage of myself and others like me like a ravaged pit bull. A true workaholic, who I imagine probably spends too much of his personal life sometimes pondering and investigating subjects which pertain to finding justice for those who would otherwise get bullied by corporate dollars and deception. Either way, highly recommended.” Marvin H.

“I would trust Andrew with all of my friends and family because he has done a great job on all of my cases. He has assisted me in understanding when there was a question and never made me feel uncomfortable for telling him I did not understand something. He is understanding and always took the time to address any questions or concerns I had. Best attorney around in my opinion!” Rae L.


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