Do You Live In Michigan? Can Andy Campbell Help You?

Interviewer: Can you help people only in Michigan, or nationwide?

Andrew: I can only help people in the state of Michigan. I would love to help people anywhere in the country but I am only licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan.

Interviewer: To qualify, someone has to live in Michigan. The calls can come from anywhere obviously, but they have to live in Michigan?

Andrew: That is right. That brings up another important point. You don’t want to record phone calls unless you know for sure that the person calling is in the state of Michigan. I say that because a lot of people think that they can record phone calls but that technically could be a criminal act. You only want to record phone calls if you know the person.

If you are 100% sure the person is calling from within the state of Michigan and you and that person are the only persons on the line, you can record it without their consent.  If they are calling outside the state, you do not want to take that risk because you might be violating another state’s criminal law.

Interviewer: What if you say, “I am going to record your call for quality assurance?”

Andrew: You could say that but that collector will likely hang up.

Interviewer: Okay, that is a good way to make them hang up.

Andrew: You do not want them to hang up. You want the collector to spill their guts. You want to keep asking them questions and you want them to break the law. You want to be nice because the call is recorded.

You have to be careful because a jury might hear this call. So you can’t be a real jerk.  You can’t swear. You shouldn’t. You can be whatever you want. But to maximize your recovery, the nicer you are to the collector the better.