How Have You Helped People Deal With Unethical Tactics By Debt Collectors?

Interviewer: Give me maybe examples of how you have helped people.

Andrew: I had a client who was being called on his cell phone by a debt collector. He did not owe a debt to this debt collector. However, this collector kept calling and asking for location information for a person my client had never even heard of.

My client picked up that cell number unknowingly, and they kept calling him. My client said, “Look, I really do not know this person. Please stop calling me.”¬†They would not.¬†They kept calling. In fact, they would argue and use profanity.

It was not every collector. It was just this one collector from this company who did that. When I got involved, the calls stopped and we were able to obtain a decent settlement for my client. That is one example.

Another example involves a client who did owe a debt. He was obligated but he had never provided the creditor with his cell phone number on the application for credit. The creditor called his cell phone repeatedly using an auto dialer. The creditor also sent text messages to him.

My client told them, “No, you can’t do this. You are not supposed to do this. This is breaking the law. I never gave you my cell phone number.” They would not stop. That was a very favorable settlement as well. That resulted elimination of a five figure debt that he had previously been obligated to pay plus he received a low five figure chunk of change.