What Are the Available Option if You Are Having Difficulty Repaying a Student Loan?

Interviewer: What’s happening to these student loans? When people come to you and they can’t pay and what are their creditors doing with those subsidized or unsubsidized and private loans?

There Is a National Student Loan Database That Can Only Be Accessed by the Borrower

A. Campbell: People tend to be very confused when it comes to what their options are and that’s natural because it is complicated. The first thing that people are confused about is and the first question I have for anyone coming in my office is are you looking at a governmental loan or a private student loan?

The first thing I tell clients is look at NFLBF.org, the National Student Loan Database. Go there and get your pin number. Only the client can do that. I can’t do that for the client. So the client orders their pin. In a few days by mail they get a pin from the federal government. It’s a four or five digit code.

You Can Print Out the Information about Your Student Loans through This Website

They can then go onto the website, enter that code in and then they are able to access the database and figure out all their loans. That’s all the information about their loans is right there. They print up all that information and they can return to my office so I the complete information.

You Can Access Information about the Changing Sally Mae Loan Policy through the Website

A good number of new clients come to me and say, “My loans are through Sally Mae.” The problem is that Sally Mae is a former government agency actually. Sally Mae used to deal in private student loans and governmental student loans.

Just very recently because of so many problems Sally Mae has been having, they have stopped handling certain types of loans. People are confused and the best way to clear up the confusion is go to NFLBF.org and figure out what you’re dealing with.

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