Firm Overview

Helping individuals throughout the State of Michigan to protect their right to privacy

At Andrew L. Campbell Attorney At Law, I work with people to protect their privacy rights. I use little known laws and rules that allow my clients to turn the tables on businesses that were previously harassing them. For example,

  • You might be experiencing sexually harassing behavior from supervisors, employees or customers at your place of employment;
  • Maybe a business is leaving prerecorded messages on your cell phone without your consent;
  • Perhaps a debt buyer or collector is harassing or threatening to sue you on a debt you don’t owe.
  • You might have false, inaccurate, or obsolete information appearing on your credit report.
  • You may have been paying a debt settlement company for over a year that you now realize is a scam.

In each of these situations, someone is invading your right to privacy in some way.

Solutions I offer might be helping you file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; filing a lawsuit on your behalf against a bank, creditor or debt collector calling your cell phone leaving prerecorded messages with your consent; filing a lawsuit against a debt collector or creditor for false representations; getting back your money from a debt settlement company; correcting an auto dealer engaged in fraud; or helping you correct information on your credit report.

Some clients that have trouble paying bills have tried to get a handle on their finances through a debt settlement company that is violating Michigan law.

In some situations if you are experiencing serious financial distress, I may discuss your debt relief options including filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy during a free consultation.

My firm has helped clients throughout the State of Michigan get the justice they deserve. I have set out to build a responsive, client-centered law firm committed to helping individuals find debt relief. I am proud to offer large firm experience with small firm service.

I recognize that my clients are in the midst of a challenging time and strive to reduce the stress by giving them the necessary information to make an informed decision about their situation.

As far as fees are concerned, how I charge and how much I charge depends upon what solution your situation requires.

For bankruptcy, I charge reasonable flat rates legal fees starting at $900 for a Chapter 7 filing (bankruptcy also requires a $336 filing fee and credit counseling fees as well – not included).

After investigation of your matter I may recommend filing a lawsuit. For a majority of other clients, I only get paid if you get paid. If you lose, so do I – so you never have to worry about a bill for attorney fees.

This means I only take cases that I think have a very good chance of winning. There is very little risk to you.

While clients are ultimately responsible for the costs of any lawsuit (court filing fees, service of process fees, other expenses from a lawsuit) I typically advance these fees in most situations. However, I will often require that a client help with costs by paying a reasonable monthly fee to me every month for those costs.