How Credit Repair Companies Scam Michigan Consumers

According to the federal government, the average consumer spends over $800.00 on credit repair services.

Most consumers end up with poor results. But most Michiganders would not hire these companies if they knew two important facts.

First, credit repair companies cannot offer to perform services beyond 90-days.

Let’s face it, many credit repair companies are interested in making you paying monthly fees for as long as possible.

This 90-day limitation focuses the activities of legitimate credit repair companies on the most important disputes.

Second, credit repair companies cannot charge upfront fees.

Both federal and state law prohibits charging fees upfront prior to any services being rendered. Even though this is probably the best-known rule of all, I still see this being violated.

Let me help you get your money back. I sue credit repair, debt settlement, and student loan debt consolidation companies.

There is no fee unless I collect.

Just call me at 810-232-4344 to get started.

“Mr. Campbell has successfully prosecuted those who would seek to take advantage of myself and others like me like a ravaged pit bull. A true workaholic, who I imagine probably spends too much of his personal life sometimes pondering and investigating subjects which pertain to finding justice for those who would otherwise get bullied by corporate dollars and deception. Either way, highly recommended.” Marvin H.

“I would trust Andrew with all of my friends and family because he has done a great job on all of my cases. He has assisted me in understanding when there was a question and never made me feel uncomfortable for telling him I did not understand something. He is understanding and always took the time to address any questions or concerns I had. Best attorney around in my opinion!” Rae L.

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