Lawsuit: Man snapped bathroom pix of female co-worker at construction site |

A New York women has filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and retaliation against her employer.

Marline Salvat, 34, contends her employer, Construction Resources Corp., sacked her in retaliation for her complaints of “unlawful sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions” at the site, according to a civil complaint.

While as shocking and as upsetting as this may seem, it gets even worse.

The lawsuit alleges that the photographer then demanded that she have sex with him.

When she refused his demands, the lawsuit alleges, he distributed photos to other male employees at the worksite.

Oh yeah, she has cancer too.

According to the lawsuit, Ms. Salvat has “an impeccable track record”.

This is why copies of your employee performance reviews are so important to keep. You can always get these by asking for a copy of your personal file but it is best to keep your own copies at home for those employers that happen to “lose” them.

Afterward, she was terminated “under the pretext of non-existent and factually baseless performance issues” and “in retaliation” for her complaints of sexual harassment and “unsafe” working conditions, the complaint

Clearly if these allegations are true, the working conditions were very unsafe.

Obviously no person deserves this invasion of privacy. You really have to ask though what kind of person would do this to someone suffering from cancer?

As I have said before, those working at isolated locations in male dominated industries are often the most at risk of being sexually harassed.

I’m glad she found an attorney she could trust to take action.