Michigan Funeral Home Director Gets 4 Years For $500000 Embezzlement

IONIA – Marti Schrauben, the former director of a Michigan funeral home, is going to jail for up to 4 years after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in funeral funds.

He was sentenced to 16 months to 4 years in jail on 18 counts in which embezzlement, insurance fraud and racketeering are included. He also has to pay the court fines, costs and fees.

According to the prosecutors, Schrauben forged death certificates and submitted fake claims to insurance companies.

His business partner at Schrauben-Lehman Funeral Homes in Ionia and Portland found that the money was missing from pre-paid funeral accounts. Schrauben stole $500,000 according to an estimate.

In a future hearing, restitution will be determined.

News Source: www.TheTimeSherald.com

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