More Than 330 Dentists In Michigan Hit By Tax Fraud Scam

DETROIT – Michigan Dental Association said that almost 330 dentists all over the state have reported they’ve been hit by fraud in a tax return scam.

According to Macomb County Dr. David Borlas, it was disturbing to find out that an individual had gotten hold of his Social Security number and filed a tax return in his name. He said, “The same way there’d be anxiety if you lose your wallet, you know. Am I gonna stop those credit cards in time? Is somebody using my driver’s license right now to buy a new car? I mean, all that stuff gets you. There’s nothing worse than, first of all, getting a letter from the IRS and you don’t know what’s in it”.

WWJ’s Sandra McNeil was told by Borlas that luckily he didn’t have to face any loss. “The best word is hassle: big one” he said and also told that he spent a lot of time on the cell phone to solve the problem. “It involves everything from notifying both the state, the feds, Federal Trade Commission, the various credit reporting such as Trans Union, Experian, et cetera. And all the forms you have to fill out for the government”.

According to the Michigan Dental Association, the crooks made the dentists victims and other health professionals in several states, and it’s not clear how the hackers got a hold of the details.

According to Borlas, no details of any patient were compromised and given to any other individual.

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