New Phone Scam Going Around To Get Your Cash

All around Northern Michigan, a new phone scam is going on and the offenders are using a different method to get cash of people living there.

According to the police, this phone scam is not like any other method used due to the reason that the scammers have found a way to increase the possibility of individuals picking up the phone by changing the caller ID for an outgoing call.

Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel said, “It’s very difficult to pick up on it because you’re seeing a number on your caller ID, either one that you know or speaks your interest so you’re going to answer. They are going to use any trick in the book to try and get you to pick up that phone and answer the phone so that they can at least start a dialogue with you”.

The scammers call a large number of individuals just hoping one or two will pick up and their target is senior citizens.

Leslie Knopp, co-owner of Comfort Keepers said, “A lot of seniors were brought up to be trusting like that especially of authority figures like banks and credit card companies. We just have to be really vigilant about watching out for people that are trying to take advantage of them”.

Comfort Keepers is an in-home care company for seniors and due to the reason that many of her clients have been targeted in the past by these phone call scammers, Knopp works to get the issue solved as soon as possible. Knopp said, “We have had families that have lost thousands of dollars to scammers like this and we have gotten involved and pursue these people and it’s real and it happens here in Northern Michigan just like it does anywhere else”.

An individual should never give his/her personal information over the phone to any unknown person because if it is a scammer it will be difficult to track them down.

Schendel said, “The majority of these calls come from overseas, they come from other countries and it’s almost impossible to do anything. That’s why in law enforcement we tell the public that you have to look out for yourself and that you have to be aware, that you have to be on top of things so that you don’t become a victim.”

Law enforcement said that if a person thinks it is not their bank, hang up and call them back to be sure. Similarly, one should never give out his/her birth date or social security number on the phone.

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