Poor Spelling Alerts Bank To Alleged Fraud

FLINT, MI – According to a police report, bank alerted a woman on Tuesday, January 21, after someone tried to access her account using poor spelling.

Upon enquiry, the woman informed the police that she had given her debit card to a friend to pay her bill. She thought her friend returned the card to her wallet after paying the bill for her.

The bank issued her a notice informing her that someone tried to deposit a bad check into her account for $1,000. The person then tried to withdraw the amount of the check the same day.

The bank flagged her account because her name was not spelled correctly. The amount on the check was also spelled wrong and the signature on the back of the check did not match the woman’s signature.

After receiving the bank notice, the woman checked her debit card which was not in her wallet.

The woman’s account has since been closed by the bank.

News Source: www.MLive.com

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