Prescott Man Admits To Fraud In A Michigan Court

PONTIAC, MICH. – According to the court documents, 67-year-old Clarence Thomas Cummings has accepted a deal in a Michigan court that needed him to plead guilty to four felony fraud counts but offered probation, if he can pay $3 million in restitution by a date issued by the court.

He was charged with two counts of embezzlement of $100,000 or more and two counts of larceny by conversion of $20,000 or more. Those charges could have meant a prison sentence of 60 years if he had been found guilty at trial.

He is accused of taking the money from Trooper Oil & Gas, LLC, of Phoenix, and TR Associates of Whispering Winds, a Michigan company.

He has to pay a total amount of $4.7 million back to the companies but if he can pay back $3 million by the time the judge sentences him in September, he will be given a five-year probation sentence in Arizona, according to a plea deal with the Michigan Attorney General’s Office which was accepted on 2nd of June. If he will not be able to pay by the deadline, he will be sentenced to between 4 and 20 years in a Michigan prison and he would have to pay back the $4.7 million.

He will be sentenced on 4th of September.

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