Theodis Lanfair, Of Grand Prairie, Texas, Pleads In Insurance Fraud Case

HAMMOND – On Wednesday, Theodis Lanfair pleaded guilty in federal court in relation with an insurance fraud scheme that took place in-between the time period of December 2005 and July 2009. He pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

Court records show that when he will be sentenced on 12th of August, he will face up to 5 years in jail but the plea agreement calls on the court to consider a minimum sentence.

Lanfair said in the agreement that he is prepared to acknowledge he was involved in an insurance fraud scheme in which he and others planned multiple automobile crashes and reported them to many police departments in Chicago and northern Indiana.

Lanfair is also named in the list of 9 individuals who were charged in December on charges of staging motor vehicle crashes in Northwest Indiana and Chicago. Robert Lemon and Dwayne Ashford, both of Michigan City, used their business in Michigan City to purchase vehicles later used to stage crashes, as showed by the indictment.

Court records show that Lemon has already pleaded guilty to the charge.

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